Perfume Lovers Rejoice!

pink-2791366_960_720Perfumania is the leading specialty retailer focusing on brand name and designer fragrances. Founded in 1988, Perfumania has positioned itself as one of the most influential companies in the fragrance industry.

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The Connection Between Fragrance and Emotions


A fragrance is more than a scent: it evokes emotion. Among the ways our brains associate memories with feelings, scents can be the strongest.

To me, nothing is sweeter than the mingled scents of honeysuckle and night blooming jasmine wafting on a summer breeze. This sweet fragrance brings back happy memories of my childhood. Fragrances can have positive effects on our moods, reduce stress, enhance sleep, instill self-confidence, and even boost cognitive performance.

To most people, a fragrance is more than a scent, it is a memory. Of the many ways our brains create and associate memories with feelings and events, scents are arguably one of the strongest.

Our olfactory receptors are connected directly to the limbic system, the most primitive and oldest part of our brains. The limbic system is also considered the seat of emotion.

Scents are relayed to the cortex, where they are categorized and recognized. By the time our brains recognize a particular scent, the scent has already triggered an emotional response.

Fragrances That Evoke Emotions

While some scents evoke specific and personal memories, depending on how your brain categorizes them, other scents have a generally universal effect. These scents are known for their ability to evoke calmness, make you feel happier, and even get you in the mood.

Look for perfumes with these notes to evoke emotions in yourself or someone else.

Vanilla for Comfort

Just a whiff of vanilla makes most people feel all warm, fuzzy, and nostalgic. Of all the scents that go into perfumes, vanilla is the most globally liked. Its familiar sweetness gives us a sense of contentment. And since it is so often used in baking, it gives us a sense of home that is both nurturing and comforting.

Lily of the Valley for Stress Relief

This sweet, rare, delicate floral scent evokes a sense of security and comfort and promotes well-being. It also reduces stress and relieves sadness. Whenever you need a little self-care, look for products that contain lily of the valley.

Hibiscus for a Self-Esteem Boost

The scent of this beautiful, flashy, and fragrant flower can instantly refresh your mood. Fragrances with this tropical note can boost your self-esteem.

Grapefruit for a Pick-me-up

If you are looking for sunshine in a bottle, look for fragrances that feature grapefruit notes. It’s really difficult to be sad and blue when you are wearing this zesty scent. It can clear your mind and boost your energy.

Sandalwood for Sensuality

The intensely sultry, woody notes of sandalwood is perfect for a night out with that special someone. Fresh and flirty it is not, as the scent awakens a more sensual part of the brain. Wear sandalwood for smokey, dark, mysterious allure.

Bergamot for a Better Mood

Citrusy, bitter, and tart is an odd description for a scent that is a powerful mood booster. Bergamot has been called happiness in a bottle. No matter how bad your mood, chances are bergamot can lift your spirits. It can even soothe your anger and balance your moods. Instead of counting to 10 the next time you get angry, try inhaling a little bergamot.

Jasmine for Cool, Calm, and Collected

When you need to sit back and relax, turn off your phone and breathe in the scent of jasmine. It’s deeply calming to the central nervous system. It also has a sexy side due to its earthy qualities. This makes it the perfect fragrance for relaxing me-time or a date night out.

Although scent preferences are deeply personal and attached to particular memories and the associations your brain makes, some generalizations can be made about fragrance and emotion, and how you can use them to evoke a specific response in yourself and others.

When it comes to perfumes, I get mine from Perfumania. If you’re not sure, see what others are saying by checking out these Perfumania Reviews on Facebook. And just to prove my point check out the Perfumania Reviews coming in from influencers everywhere.

How to Choose a Fragrance Based on Your Personality

pexels-photo-755992I always say your perfume should be as unique as your personality. But, finding one that matches your character can be hard. Luckily for you (and me), I found this quiz from Perfumania that will help you pick the right perfume based on your personality.

Also, if you need more help finding the right perfume, here’s the article that talks about this quiz and how to choose a perfume based on your personality.

It’s funny how the way we are and what we like can say so much about our personality. I never thought a fragrance could reveal so much about myself!

Don’t forget to tell me your results! According to the quiz I’m “Popular Lavender!”


Treatments for Hair Loss

hair loss treatmentsFor as long as I remember I suffered from hair loss. I can blame my hormones, my brushing technique, my medicines, and even my mom for it. But, the truth is there is so much involved in hair loss that’s hard to pinpoint the actual cause of hair loss.

So, instead of focusing on the hair loss, I started looking into treatments for hair loss and what works and what doesn’t. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

PRP Treatments for Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a treatment that uses your own blood to help stimulate hair growth and build hair strength. Have you heard of the vampire facial? Well, that’s also another PRP treatment.

Hormone Aid

Even though I can blame my mom for my hair loss, I know hormones are also involved in the mix. Having optimal hormone levels means you have healthy and strong hair.

Natural Treatments

Some people believe natural treatments can help stop hair loss. To be fairly honest, I tried all these remedies, with no results. Yes, they make your hair look healthier, but that doesn’t mean your hair will stop falling.


Rogaine or Minoxidil is one of the most used and popular hair loss treatments out there. To be honest, minoxidil does help with hair regrowth, but it won’t help with hair loss if you understand what I’m trying to say. I mean, minoxidil will help stimulate hair growth, but it won’t stop your new (or old) hair from falling.

The Bottom Line

I used to have a hair stylist that said the only solution for hair loss was a broom. He argued that you can’t stop your hair from falling, unless it’s a condition such as hormonal imbalance,, for example. But, in my case, which is genetic, my only solution is to keep my hormones in check, make sure I don’t use tight hairstyles, keep optimal nutrient levels, and massage my hair to stimulate hair growth. Every now and then, I do get a PRP treatment to help with my hair loss, which has helped tremendously.

*The statements in this post are not to recommend any of these treatments. if you’re experiencing hair loss, talk to your doctor before trying any of these treatments.

Perfume Lover Resource Guide

For as long as I can remember I was always a perfume lover, there is something that makes me fall in love with fragrances. It can be the fact that perfumes take me back in time, that I can mix and match fragrances to go with my mood and my outfits, or just that perfume bottles are just too pretty. Whatever it is, I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have at least two fragrances at home.

But perfumes require care and thought. You shouldn’t buy a random perfume just because. This comes with time, after a while, you will learn how to spot a fake fragrance, how to shop for those you love, what perfumes suit you better, and everything else you want to learn about perfumes.

In the meantime, you can start by following this resource guide that talks about perfume.

Scents That Will Make You Irresistible to Your Man

As I said, perfumes are a powerful tool that’s strongly linked to emotions. The fragrance you wear can make you more attractive to your man. And can also make you feel more attractive which will show in your attitude, your outfits, and even your mood.

How to Choose Your Signature Scent

This is by far the most important part of this resource guide. No matter what your taste in fragrance is, you need to find your signature scent. Mine is a mix of vanilla and jasmine notes. But when I need something sexier I go for amber and oriental blossom notes.

What Are Notes in a Fragrance?

Okay, I know I talked about notes before, but what are notes exactly? If you are not a perfume lover, might not understand what I’m talking about. Hint, they are not the scents of a fragrance, they are something else.

How to Tell If Your Perfume Is a Knockoff?

The MOST important thing to know when it comes to perfumes is how to tell if you’re buying a knockoff. Unfortunately, there are many websites out there selling fake fragrances, and you end up paying the price for that. Once you learn these few tricks to spot a perfume knockoff, no one will be able to fool you.

What’s the Difference between Perfume and Eau de Toilette?

Before I started really getting into perfumes, I thought these were all different names, but I never thought these were different fragrance formulations. It turns out these names refer to the quantity of oil within these fragrances.

How to Choose a Fragrance for Your Teenager

This was my absolute favorite! Anyone that has a teenager knows how difficult is to find something they like. Trying to buy a fragrance for your teenager is a mission impossible. But, these tips will really help out.

Fragrance Horoscope

I had a blast reading through this. It’s so exciting to see how our zodiac signs are so aligned with what we like and what we don’t. Take a peek and let me know later if your sign matched the fragrance.

What’s a Perfumer?

I’m a perfume lover, but I’ll never be an actual perfumer. These people that have study the art of making perfumes for years, and capable of mixing the most complex scents to create beautiful, perfectly blended fragrances.

Finding Vintage Perfumes

My mother used to wear a perfume I adored with all my heart. Of course, as a young lady, I thought that was an older woman perfume, and whenever I became an adult, I was going to be able to wear it. Well, I’m finally an adult, and it took me forever to find that same fragrance. But, with some help I found it!

Perfume Resolutions

I have set fitness resolutions, health resolutions, and even work resolutions. But as a true perfume lover, I also set perfume resolutions for myself. Not only as an effort to try more perfumes, but also to learn more about perfumes, how to wear them, how to blend them, how to store them, and more.

This is the first roundup of perfume stories that will help you understand more about fragrances. Come back every month to see what’s new about perfumes. Also, if you want to check perfumes at great prices, I recommend you check out Perfumania.

Skin Care Benefits of Light Therapy

audrey infographics

Light therapy also known as LED therapy can help you get your skin back. Often, a combination of these color lights can help target many skin care concerns including acne, wrinkles, dullness, and even rosacea.

Before you ever consider starting a LED treatment on your own, make sure you talk to a dermatologist first, they can be the ones to recommend which type of LED therapy might be helpful for your skin issues.

I’ve tried the red, blue, and purple light and had amazing benefits. I want to look more into the orange and green one.

Have you tried any of these light therapy colors?

Why You Should Try Botox


When I hear Botox, I immediately freeze. It’s scary, there’s a lot I don’t know about it. So I went ahead and talked to a few professionals who told me the truth about Botox, once and for all.

1-You can use it for more than wrinkles. It helps with sweating and even migraines.

2-You MUST choose a qualified professional. Hint: there are not too many of them.

3-You may not have the same experience as others. Not everyone’s skin reacts the same, and while to some it worked, to others it gave them unrealistic looks.

4-You MUST talk and consult with many experts before you do it. Botox is one option for anti-aging, not the only alternative, so instead of jumping for injections, consider your options.

Would you try Botox? Have you tried botox? I want to know!

7 Habits for Highly Effective Anti-Aging

7 anti aging habits

When it comes to aging, some people seem to have won the genetic lottery. They look and act immune to the effects of time. Some even appear to be getting better with age. It kind of makes you go hmmm… And wonder what exactly the secrets of looking healthy and vibrant are. What are the habits of highly effective anti-aging?

Never fear, you won’t be left hanging. Here is a list of 7 habits for highly effective anti-aging.

1)     Take Care of Your Skin

Skin care tops every anti-aging list, and it’s all about sunscreen and moisturizing. Seriously. Sure, there’s other important stuff like exfoliating to help your moisturizer work better. An essential skin-care regimen is the best habit you can have to keep your skin looking radiant. Be sure to use sunscreen, and reapply appropriately (usually every 2 hours) if you are outdoors. Cleanse and moisturize in the morning and before you go to bed.

In addition to a basic skin-care regimen, take care of trouble spots such as dark under-eye circles, wrinkles, and dark spots with amino acid complex-infused skin-care products. Amino acid-based products provide a vast range of benefits for the skin and the SeroVital™ Skin Care line has just that.

2)     Stand Up Straight (Yes, Your Mother Was Right)

Making sure you have good posture is another anti-aging strategy that can work wonders on how you are perceived. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and check your posture. Sitting or standing correctly is about more than looking younger, it also keeps your body functioning properly, another key to anti-aging.

And when you walk, make sure you are not stooping or leaning forward. If you are not sure, have someone watch you and give you feedback. To maintain good posture, keep your weight primarily on the balls of your feet, with your knees slightly bent and feet shoulder-width apart. Your arms should hang naturally at the sides of your body. Straighten your spine and pull your shoulders back. Tuck your stomach in and keep your head level. Now you are ready to face the day.

3)     Exercise and Include Resistance Training

“Use it or lose it” is more than just a catchphrase. Adopting and sticking to an exercise program is one of the best ways to slow down the effects of aging. Resistance or weight training dramatically increases the rate at which you maintain and build muscle. It can reverse the body’s trend toward losing muscle as you age. It’s also good for your bones.

Do cardio – power walk, run, bike, swim – every day if possible, or at least four times a week. Improving or maintaining your cardio capacity can make you look and feel so much younger, and it has ripple effects on your skin health, heart health, digestion, and more. Also, exercises that increase flexibility, such as yoga or tai chi, not only keep you moving but also help keep aches and pains at bay. Together with your great posture, you’ll be moving like a 30–year-old.

4)     Maintain a Healthy Diet

Yeah, most of us moan and groan over this one. However, particularly since you leave your 20s, diet is so important. However, don’t make the mistake of focusing only on calorie counts. Nutrition is just as important for anti-aging. Eating nutrient-rich, natural foods will give your body the fuel it requires to stay healthy. The most beneficial diets include fresh vegetables, fruits, and legumes – all foods that are naturally lower in calories and full of nutrients.

Model your diet after the Mediterranean or Okinawa diets. Also include a daily anti-aging vitamin, like SeroVital-AM Multivitamin for Women, that includes fish oil, CoQ-10, calcium, vitamin Ds, B-complex vitamins, and other vitamins and minerals to support skin health and brain function. Indulge every once in a while, but be sure every once in a while doesn’t become every day.

5)     Take an Anti-Aging Supplement called SeroVital-hgh

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and exercise program will go a long way to keeping you looking young and fit, but supplementing with a human growth hormone (HGH) booster, called SeroVital-hgh can help. HGH is associated with reduced body fat, increased muscles mass, stronger bones, improved mood and energy, heightened libido, and reduced appearance of wrinkles. SeroVital-hgh nourishes your pituitary gland and increases your human growth hormone levels naturally. Do your research and get the facts here!

6)     Keep Your Wardrobe Up to Date

This doesn’t mean dress like a teenager or follow all the trends. The goal is to look fashion forward, but not like you are “trying.” I’m not talking about fashion tips to make you look younger, nor am I talking about dressing age appropriately, whatever that means. If you can rock a miniskirt and feel confident doing it, go for it.

The rules are really the same at any age: find clothes that flatter your body type, address your perceived flaws, and find a good tailor. When your clothes fit you well, you look good, and when you look good, you feel good. There’s nothing that beats the feeling comfortable in your own skin.

7)     Update Your Skin-Care Regimen

This is on the habit list because your skin-care regimen shouldn’t be “set it and forget it.” As you age, your skin goes through changes. Yes, still use sunscreen, that’s always a must. But you may begin to see crow’s feet, deeper wrinkles, and other signs of age. The products you use will become more specialized to address these issues.

Try using a day and night facial rejuvenation system, like the one from SeroVital™ Skin Care, that works together to prevent and correct the visible signs of aging. An amino acid-based compound can help visibly lift, tighten, and firm loose, saggy skin, dramatically improving the look of wrinkles and crow’s feet.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Individual results will vary.

The Truth Behind Famous Skincare Myths

skincvare myths

Don’t ever believe everything you read out there about beauty. Many times we think these myths are true because we’ve been listening and reading them all our lives. Today, I wanted to touch upon the most famous ones and the truth behind them.

Why You Need to Start Microneedling

Infographics (8)

Microneedling is a new beauty treatment that basically consists of the use of a roller covered in microneedles. At first, this sounds crazy, I know. Who will want to roll needles through their skin? Well, me! And soon you.

Microneedling is a safe procedure that you can even do at home. It has skincare benefits like reducing dark spots, reducing acne blemishes, and boosting collagen. But, micro needling can also help your products work better.

It turns out that micro needling can help your skincare routine work better, as it helps it penetrate deeper into the skin. The only product, you should not use micro needling with is retinoid, and this is because retinoids are already exfoliating your skin to reach deeper.

Would you give it a try? This is how it looks like in real-life, click here to see micro needling in action.